Becher Eli Neme is principal and lead consultant at Neme Design Studio. The 3D integration consulting practice is based in Long Beach, California. The practice works with designers and contractors on complex projects to preserve design intent, to lower risk, and to improve efficiency during construction through the expert application of the latest 3D technologies.

Becher’s professional career commenced in France where he worked with TETRARC, a practice recognized for their artistic and poetic approach to architecture. He moved on to Los Angeles a decade ago to work with Gehry Partners gaining valuable experience working on the coordination of highly complex projects, including the Brooklyn Arena, the Hall Winery, and the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi. Later he went to Las Vegas, where he was involved in the construction of the Tivoli Village mix-use project.

Becher is a licensed architect in the state of California. He graduated with a degree in Architectural Design and a Master’s in Urban design from L’Ecole Nationale Superieure D’architecture in Nantes, France. He also studied Architectural Engineering at the University of Tishreen, Syria.

Becher collaborates with a team of highly trained engineers, architects and field personnel. Their contribution and experience is essential to deliver the quality services Neme Design Studio is commitment to deliver quality services